Brooke Henderson biography – family and early days!

Brooke Henderson childhood picture
Image of Brooke Henderson during her early school days the ambitious preadolescence

Brooke Mackenzie Henderson, born to David and Darlene Henderson on September 10, 1997 in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada. As Mr David was a former college hockey player turned avid golfer. Her mother Darlene and her elder sister Brittany also golfers. Her sister Brittany Henderson, that time seven years old, was a top junior and college golfer. Also her uncle Tom Henderson was a top amature player in Ottawa area. Since young Brooke also wanted to join family, started playing golf at the Smiths Falls Golf and Country Club. when she was only three.


Brooke first thought that the point of golf is to get the ball in the hole the fastest, when she started playing. But later only she understand that taking fewest strokes than the fastest strokes. Only than her carrier game took off.

Brooke Henderson playing golf at the young age
Brooke decided to take golf professionally as most of her family members were playing as either as pro or amature

Back in her school days, Brooke played goalie in hockey. When she attained the age of fourteen, she realised playing both the game (hockey and golf) won’t do any good for her carrier. So she decided to give up hockey. She preferred to keep playing golf, because by that time itself she had played on the LPGA Tour and was a winner in pro tournament.

Young Brooke Henderson with her elder sister Brittany Henderson
Caring Brittany Henderson , gave up her ambitions and decided to support her younger sister Brooke, became her caddie

Her sister Brittany, decided to support Brooke’s golf carrier, turned herself as Brooke’s full time caddie.

The family of four golfers Brittany, Brooke, Darlene and David Henderson
Golf is not individual, but full family affair. Brittany, Brooke, Darlene and David Henderson

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